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Friday, January 12 2018

Our Top Ten Best Safety Razors

Ah, good ol’ safety razor, never fail us even you’re facing great competition from multi-blade razors or electric razor. Still, no razor can get to your skin as close but still guarantee your safety as safety razor. And you don’t even have to pick between dry or wet shave, safety razor can face both and nothing guarantee luxury than safety razor.

We’re going to pick ten best safety razor. But mind you, this list is not written in any particular order. We’ll allow you to choose which one is the best for you and review the safety razor on your own.

- Feather Popular Twist To Open. When it comes to safety razor leading game, you should never forget this Japanese manufacturer, Feather, one of the best safety razor brand you can buy, and comes in great price too. And as you know, cheap for many Japanese products do not equal with low quality. Although ‘popular’ is not Feather best known product (ironically of course) this razor is still a good choice for cheap shaving. Comes with metal head and plastic handle, this product might not be too much to look at, but still the best money can buy.

- Lord L6. You might not be familiar with the brand, but this Egypt made safety razor is one of the cheapest metal razor you can get, with chrome plated head and platinum handle. But again, we don’t just pick something to be on our list just because it’s cheap while it’s not doing the job. This safety razor is quite reliable and actually get the job done, so you might need not to worry when you come across this safety razor and in need of cheap and fast shaving. Each pack come with three pieces of safety razors.

- Parker 99R Heavy Duty Barberpole. One of the manliest razor you can get that might get you to feel intimidated. Not for anyone that’s new to the shaving world, and obviously not for anyone who get used to be pampered by the convenient of electric shaver. Not even for someone who doesn’t lift since this safety razor is quite heavy. Holding this razor might be equal with heavy lifting, as, well, this razor is quite heavy with 3.4 ounces’ weight (for a safety razor of course). Specially design for man with big worker hands, available with 4 inches’ handle, won’t slip form your hands and giving you a nice grip. Fine durability and a nice choice for wet shaving. While being scary, this safety razor is still looking pretty with fine chrome platted body.

- Edwin Jagger DE89LbI. Edwin Jagger, also a leading name for shaving industry. Though not actually known for its safety razor, still the name of Edwin Jagger guarantee a fine result while still getting that safe feeling from safety razor, so you need not to worry. Fits nicely in your hnd, not too long, not too short with 3.8 inches’ handle. Medium in weight, also rather aggressive and perfectly balance. Easy on your pocket too, so you don’t need to cut your legs to pay for this. A good choice for anyone who has sensitive skin.

- Merkur 34 C or Merkur Heavy Classic. we’ve had Edwin Jagger, we’ve had feather, but still, this list wouldn’t’ be completed without the presence of the Merkur. Known heavily for producing a fine quality safety razor, this is why we need to include at least one Merkur in this least. And of course, it’s not easy, unless if we’re making the list all Merkur. This safety razor might feel a little bit heavy for you, but this actually the plus side since you’re going to get enough pressure during shaving without needing to apply more pressure as in lighter razor. This is absolutely a great choice for anyone who wants a close shaving without worrying that you’ll get cuts and nicks.

- Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor. One thing we’re going to brag first is, man, this is a German engineered safety razor. Yes, the same Germany that also engineered the finest cars you can see in Planet Earth such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. Produced by a big hit in shaving industry, Mühle, you don’t need to think twice before resting your trust in this razor. One thing you’ll notice is the beautiful cobalt-blue handle, with thicker and longer handle, this is also a perfect fit for man with big hands. Though a little bit heavy, this chrome platted head and handles are perfectly balance. But when it comes to price…. come on, we’ve told you how beautiful it is. Are you still complaining?

- Mühle R41 Open Comb. Okay, when it comes to Mühle, one is never enough. This version is not as pricey as the previous on, but you will still get the famous safety offers by German-engineered safety razor. Often known as the most aggressive safety razor, you might need to be more careful, as this safety razor will cut your hair faster than mowing your lawn, and this version is not even the most aggressive safety razor from Mühle. Moderate in weight, moderate in length and also moderate in price, a fine choice for gentlemen who want quick morning shave.

- Ikon B1. Precision, that’s might be the main goal for Ikon when it comes to producing a safety razor. Beautifully crafted, preciously engineered, you’ll definitely going to get the best shaving experience as this safety razor can be customized with dual action features. Easy on your pocket, but still offers you the best shaving experience money can buy.

- Seki Edge Feather AS-D2. We definitely saving our last two places for one of the most pricey safety razor there. We’re not joking, because, what’s the meaning of safety razor if we can’t show you how beautiful, classic, and luxurious it can be, other than being reliable. While there are luxurious looking safety razors for less than $100, we just want to show you the true meaning of luxury. Some might find this safety razor less aggressive, though that’s really subjective.

- Merkur Vision. We’ve told you before, this is the Jennifer Lawrence of safety razor world. Cost the same as two fine quality electric shaving, this is the real definition of work of art. Not for beginner of course, you might want to stick with the cheaper safety razors.

Philips Norelco Men’s Electric Shavers

Since early 1940s, Philips was unable to use their brand name on any products which are sold in the USA. This is due to Philco legal demand, which the court decided that the two names are too similar. Hence Philips used the name Norelco, which is an acronym of North American Philips Company.

In 1981, Philips bought Philco and was finally able to use their brand name freely for all their products marketed in the US. However, Philips chooses to retain Norelco name for personal care appliances like shavers. They have done this to protect the market share they have gained. The management feared that shifting to Philips; an European brand name would result in dropping market share. Philips market share in US was very low compared to other countries. In 2005, Philips began a campaign to improve Philips brand recognition by co branding their shavers as Philips Norelco.

Philips started to introduce electric shaver with the introduction of two-headed rotary shaver in 1951, which was marketed under the brand name of Norelco. Since then, Philips has been constantly developing and improving the product line, adding more features to make it more convenient and easy to use. Simply put, in terms of rotary shavers there are no other company that can match Philips.

In rotary shavers, the blades are moving in circular motion. If you have been using foil shavers or safety razors, it may take some time for your skin to get used to rotary shavers.

Here are some of the best Philips Norelco shavers:

1. Philips Norelco Shaver S9311/84SP 9300

Generally rotary shavers are not very good in doing clean close shave compared to foil shavers. This is mainly because of the shape of their heads prevents them from reaching some parts of your face. However, the designers of Philips Norelco S9311/84SP have done a wonderful job. They have two reasons to be proud of this shaver. One is the fact that throughout the years they have come to know what men need the most when they are shaving. Two is the fact that they created a product that emphasizes on functionality and make sure the user gets the best experience from their products.

Philips Norelco S9311/84SP is beautiful and sleek. Each of the shaving head is carefully crafted. The shaver head is unlike other rotary shavers’ head that can only move in three or four directions. Philips Norelco S9311/84SP has a head that can moves in 8 directions, making it more flexible and able to reach difficult section of your face. In turn, this enables you to use Philips Norelco S9311/84SP for a very close shave, even in most difficult areas of your facial features. The minus, however is that Philips Norelco S9311/84SP will need a bit more time to give you the close shave you are looking for. You will need to go over the same area a few times and this may waste your time, especially if you are in a rush. Of course with the similar specifications between Philips Norelco S9311/84SP and Philips Norelco Shaver 8700, albeit for a few minor improvement in the 8700 this shaver is the best buy. Philips Norelco S9311/84SP costs about US$ 100 less compared to Philips Norelco 8700. Therefore, we believe Philips Norelco S9311/84SP is the best Philips Norelco shaver for year 2017.

2. Philips Norelco Shaver S9721/87 9700

Philips has introduced two new models in its flagship Series 9, which include the S9311/84SP 9300 we discussed earlier as the best Philips Norelco shaver for 2017. Another model is the similar Philips Norelco shaver S9721/87 which belongs to 9700 series, which we have chosen as the runner up for best Philips Norelco shaver. Actually there is very little difference between the two shavers as we will see in more detail. Physically, both shavers look identical, with three buttons, including the on/off button located above the LED display screen at the front of the shaver. Both shavers are equipped with self sharpening blades, which ensure that the shaver is at the ready for the whole time to cut through any thick and coarse beard. The blade is even powerful enough if you want to shave your head. Both of the shavers also come with the same SmartClean dock, which functions to charge, clean, and lubricate your shaver at the same time. However, for the docking device to be able to clean your shaver, you would need to load it with a cleaning cartridge. Please note that you should set up the docking station and plug in the adaptor first as the cleaner liquid may spill if you do it the other way around.

-The first major difference between the two shavers lies in the way the battery is displayed. In Philips Norelco S9721/87 the battery is displayed as an exact number, allowing you to have a more precise indication for the battery. Meanwhile Philips Norelco Shaver S9311/84SP, display the battery as bars, with each bar indicating about 20% of battery power.

-The second major difference lies in the cleaning progress while the shavers are on the docking station. In Philips Norelco Shaver S9311/84SP, the progress is only indicated by stage (i.e. cleaning and drying). Philips Norelco S9721/87 took it a notch further as it displays a progress bar. You should note that the docking station took 4 hours of time to complete a cleaning cycle. All in all, if not for the excessive price tag, Philips Norelco S9217/87 would be our choice as the best Philips Norelco shaver.

3. Philips Norelco Shaver S5210/86

Most of men are looking for an affordable way to do their daily shaving. If you are a fan of rotary shavers, yet you are looking for a no-frills, waterproof shaver that will give you clean shave feel satisfaction, we believe we have the answer. Our choice of the best Philips shaver for budget category fell on Philips Norelco S5210/86. The shaver sports a head that can moves in 5 directions, ensuring that you will be able to get a close shave even for facial parts that are difficult to reach. Although this shaver is lacking of the docking and cleaning station which usually included in more premium Philips Norelco shavers, but at price tag that close to US$ 100, Philips Norelco Shaver S5210/86 is the best choice in the line of Philips Norelco shaver.

We hope that this brief list we have compiled will provide assistance for you to determine which one amongst Philips Norelco best shaver best match your need.