What to Know about the Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

Having thick hair is a kind of blessing but it needs the best hair dryer for thick hair when it comes to drying and styling. It requires a lot of energy. Simple saying, people with thick hair will need a kind of hair dryer that is high in wattage. That is logical since a high wattage will make the hair dryer more powerful in giving the airflow. Before you choose a hairdryer for your thick hair, it is advantageous if we know about what the hairdryer is about.

What to Know About The Hairdryer • After being invented by Alexander Godefroy—the famous stylist—in 1890, hair dryer only went public in the early of 1915. So, you can conclude that hairdryer changes from time to time like technology. • Hairdryer makes your hair dry in such a short time. The better the hairdryer you choose the faster your hair will dry. Experts say, for home usage, it’s enough with a hairdryer with 1300-1875 wattage. However, buyers should consider their hair type as well. The best hairdryer for thick hair must be the one with high wattage. • A great hair dryer should be comfortable to grip with your hands. • A great dryer will have variable settings and not only top heat with high speed and low heat with low speed. The one that can adjust the setting for levels of heat and airflow for maximum versatility is the best. • A great hair dryer will have features that are comfortable enough to reach. For example, the on-off buttons should be easy to reach but strong enough to push accidentally. The cord should be long enough to plug in but simple enough to coil for a safe storing. • A great hair dryer usually has the cool shot feature to provide shine and curl for a long time.

The condition of hair can reveal someone’s lifestyle, so hair needs to be taken care of. After choosing the best one for your thick hair it is suggested that you pay attention to the warranty and the direction to use the hairdryer. That is good for safety. If you don’t use it don’t let it plugin. When turning it off, you should do it slowly. Push the button from the level you are now to the button that one level lower and so on. Don’t just go to the lowest button just like that. Warranty is of course very important to know in case there is something wrong with it so you can claim to the store. Hopefully, the article about the best hair dryer for thick hair can make you be more well-informed.