Choosing the Best Hair Dryer for Men

There is no specific best hair dryer for men. A hairdryer is not related to gender but with hair type. A hairdryer is an object that may be taboo for many men; probably only 1 in 1000 men who have a hairdryer. Some professions do, in the end, indirectly require a man to have a hairdryer.

Mistakes Men do When Using a Hairdryer 1. Too Close Many men who use a hair dryer are too close to the head. The distance is too close will only concentrate the hot air to certain parts only. This will only cause the hair becomes brittle, dry, fluffy, and dull. 2. Wrong Heat Men who have the best hair dryer for men do not want to spend time with a hairdryer. This behaviour causes them to pay no attention to the air temperature. 3. Stay Still You should move the hair dryer to make the hot air generated evenly. Some men who use a hair dryer tend to move their heads instead of the hair dryer.

Tips on Choosing the Best hair Dryer for Men

Best hair dryer for men is usually owned by men who have long hair. Men generally have several hair types. Straight, wavy, and curly are the three most commonly recognized types of hair. In addition, there are several other types of hair such as oily, dry, fluffy, and soft hair. There are no specific brands for each type of hair, but you should know some of the best hair dryers for men that may suit your hair type.

1. Ionic Hair Dryer Ionic hair dryer or tourmaline is the best hair dryer for men with dry and fluffy hair. Negative ions produced by this object can help to soften and keep the hair moist. Some men who have curly and rough hair also use this hair dryer.

2. This hair dryer is the best hair dryer for men who have curly hair. Diffuser in this type of hair dryer is able to soften the hair so the hair does not tangle when combed.

3. Regular / Ordinary Hair Dryer This hair dryer has only one function, that is drying hair, and that's it. This hair dryer can actually be used for all types of hair (different hair types, different ways of use). You should be familiar with the use of a good hair dryer. The setting of heat and distance is the key to successful use of a hairdryer. Mistakes in the use of a hair dryer can result in damage or hair loss. This is the most common type of best hair dryer for men.